@Pope John Peeps II: What's funnier is there is ZERO logic to this post. "Ultimately I think VanderMeer's experiment is proof that rich, difficult works of philosophy are just as important to the scifi author's intellectual life as science journals and novels are," implies, at best, that Jeff's work will get better… » 12/26/08 4:29pm 12/26/08 4:29pm

@verythrax: What you don't get is they made virtually no investment, and this legal battle will cost them (even if their legal team is providing services pro bono) more than the value of the free publicity. » 12/23/08 8:23am 12/23/08 8:23am

"and hopefully inspires many to try it." That one clause tells how pathetic this campaign will be. It's marketing guys, you don't have to insert the "hopefully" just because deep down you know nobody gives a crap. » 12/21/08 10:11am 12/21/08 10:11am

What people are ignoring is that Apple's already won. Even if Psystar can argue they have a legal right to hack Mac OS, they can't demonstrate that they have any right to distribute Apple's copyright without Apple's consent unless the antitrust claims (which they've abandoned) had merit. Even if Psystar has a right to… » 12/10/08 10:44pm 12/10/08 10:44pm

Anyone familiar with the Acela in the Northeast corridor knows this could turn into a huge SNAFU. The Acela tops out at 150 mph, but it only does that for two brief stretches in RI and Massachusetts for a matter of a minute or so — so you end up paying $50 or more dollars to shave a half hour off the trip to NYC —… » 11/09/08 9:29am 11/09/08 9:29am

@WagCurious: My favorite UAC prompt occurs when you simply open "Manage My Computer...", before you even edit something, before you look at it, you get a UAC prompt. What dangerous user access am I performing by LOOKING AT installed drivers? » 11/03/08 6:42pm 11/03/08 6:42pm

Maybe I'd believe you if you didn't consistently call every episode of Middleman and Sarah Connors the "best eva." Also, many of the above can be negatives: #2 (Didn't they say they were going to stop doing this? Haven't they done it 3 times already this season?), #3, #5 (I hate the Riley character but why, oh why do… » 10/05/08 5:12pm 10/05/08 5:12pm

I thought this was a major decline. The Observer is just plain stupid by my reckoning, made weird and quirky in substitution for significance. Dawson's Creek is getting tiresome and histrionic. I don't care anymore about a performance that I was surprisingly taken with. Bishop I thought would wear thin from the… » 10/04/08 6:07pm 10/04/08 6:07pm

@doctor_cos: I don't know how many times this needs said: networks definitely watch every metric conceivable. Nielson has been measuring DVR viewing for a while (I think within a 48 hour window however). But advertisers don't because they only care if their ads are being watched. That's where the money is and how a… » 10/04/08 2:26pm 10/04/08 2:26pm

@1roll20s: If you had an example of Apple prosecuting an individual hackintosher maybe. But Apple doesn't care about that very much. That's not Psystar's argument at all. The issue is Psystar's argument. Psystar's argument is they should have a right to Apple's Mac OS X (in whatever form) so that they can compete with… » 10/03/08 9:18am 10/03/08 9:18am